Soil Carbon

The Soil Carbon Element Working Group is responsible for assessing the level of carbon stored in Kenya’s soils. Carbon is naturally stored in soils and is essential for any type of tree growth.  As trees grow they draw on  stores of carbon. Equally, when trees and plants die or drop leaves some of this carbon is reintroduced into the soil, while the rest emitted into the atmosphere.

To assess the carbon in Kenya’s soils, the Soil Carbon team will customize the RothC model for Kenya. RothC is an international model that is used around the world to track the flow of carbon dioxide and other gases within soils.

To undertake this customization the Soil team will need to set up field trials across Kenya to understand the different soil types across the country. To do this, they will need to setup intensive field sites that can track changes in carbon over time. They will also need to understand how soil carbon changes with different land-uses.

Once the team has developed a robust understanding of different soil types and how they change over time, the team will need to develop maps that show the distribution of different soil types across Kenya.

Climate Parameters and Trends

This team is compiling comprehensive climate data covering Kenya and scenarios showing how this could change.

Crop Growth & Plant Parameters

This team is building models that will track carbon as crops and plants grow.

Soil Carbon

This team is assessing the level of carbon stored in Kenya’s soils and using models to track this change over time.

Forest Biomass and Growth

This team is developing models to track how carbon is stored and released by trees as they grow.

Land Use Change and Management

This team is responsible for understanding the drivers of change in Kenya’s land sector, which will help explain change in the future.


The modelling team is working to combine the information and data collected through SLEEK to produce a unified, accurate report of Kenya’s emissions form the land-sector.

Land Cover Change

This team is responsible for using remote sensing imagery to develop maps that will show the changes in land-cover over time.


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