Forest Biomass and Growth

Forests are one of the most important carbon sinks in Kenya. The Forest team will be responsible for tracking the changes in Kenya’s forest cover over time, and understanding how the changes in Kenya’s forests effect emissions.

This is done by measuring the amount of carbon stored in trees as they grow. To do this, scientists must measure the entire tree as it grows to understand how much carbon is stored in the parts of tree such as the branches, trunk and leaves. This scientific process must be undertaken for each of the key Kenyan species and models must be developed to be able to simulate the process.

The team also must assess the carbon in the dead wood and litter that is shed by the main Kenyan species.

Having understood the amount of carbon typically stored in Kenyan species, the team will be responsible for understanding the different ways that Kenyan forests are managed. This will allow the team to use the forest models to estimate carbon flows across Kenya’s forests.

Climate Parameters and Trends

This team is compiling comprehensive climate data covering Kenya and scenarios showing how this could change.

Crop Growth & Plant Parameters

This team is building models that will track carbon as crops and plants grow.

Soil Carbon

This team is assessing the level of carbon stored in Kenya’s soils and using models to track this change over time.

Forest Biomass and Growth

This team is developing models to track how carbon is stored and released by trees as they grow.

Land Use Change and Management

This team is responsible for understanding the drivers of change in Kenya’s land sector, which will help explain change in the future.


The modelling team is working to combine the information and data collected through SLEEK to produce a unified, accurate report of Kenya’s emissions form the land-sector.

Land Cover Change

This team is responsible for using remote sensing imagery to develop maps that will show the changes in land-cover over time.


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