SLEEK team continues to build the system

The SLEEK team was convened for the three days in January to take part in the eighth SLEEK Quarterly Meeting.

The meeting made significant progress in developing the plans that will provide Kenya with six time-series Land-cover maps by the end of the year. The teams also developed plans for undertaking field-work to estimate emissions in the crop sector. This field-work will begin in May.

The meeting was also addressed by experts on disability inclusiveness and knowledge management. Isaac Manyonge from the National Council for Persons with Disabilities educated the group on best practices in ensuring people with disabilities are actively included in the workplace and are able to live free from discrimination. Sheila Shefo Mbiru of KEFRI shared the work that her institution is doing on Knowledge Management, and helped educate the group on best practices in managing data.

This work will ensure that SLEEK continues to develop a strong foundation as it moves to the field and begins to generate new data to allow Kenya to accurately track its emissions.


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